ShapeUp Series

"Tummy Control Straight Cut Pants" beautifully showcase your figure, making you feel confident and comfortable. Featuring a special tummy control design, it helps to tighten your waist and highlight the curves of your body. At the same time, the straight cut design creates a simple and stylish look that is perfect for both work and daily wear. Whether paired with high heels or flats, you can easily wear it to show off your personal style.

A high-waisted design can tightly wrap around the abdomen, providing a strong tightening and shaping effect.

SANTECH fabric, which is the perfect high-performance fabric for our ShapeUP series, provides an exceptional sports experience. The lightweight and breathable fibers promote airflow, keeping you cool and dry during exercise. It effectively wicks away sweat, dries quickly, and prevents discomfort and abrasion, ensuring a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience.

Furthermore, the fabric's excellent elasticity and support are essential features. It offers optimal support and a snug fit, adapting to your body's movements without restricting flexibility or range of motion. It helps sculpt attractive body curves, allowing you to exude confidence and charm during your workouts. Additionally, the fabric's moisture-wicking ability efficiently transfers sweat from the body surface to the fabric, where it rapidly evaporates. This keeps your body dry, avoiding the discomfort of moisture and enabling you to stay comfortable and focused on your fitness goals.

The high-performance fabric is carefully selected and crafted to possess excellent durability and abrasion resistance. No matter how intense your workouts are, it can withstand the test of time while maintaining exceptional quality and appearance. This means you can rely on it for a long time without worrying about damage or loss of performance.

So, what reason do you have not to own ShapeUP? It not only provides an exceptional sports experience but also boasts outstanding fabric functionality and advantages. It keeps you comfortable, free, and confident during exercise, helping you achieve higher fitness goals. Choose ShapeUP to experience the charm of high-performance fabric and enjoy the limitless fun and sense of achievement that comes with exercise!

AVIVA ShapeUP Series

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