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Aviva Aero Bar

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Aero Bar is a pole like equipment which when shaken, allegedly vibrates at the same frequency as your body. The resulting rise in amplitude creates a de-stabilization force, thus causing your core muscles and stabilizers to be activated to counter balance the force.

[ Increase in strength of your joint stabilizers and core muscles ]
This in turn improves joint health and the integrity of your spine, thereby improving your posture, your movement quality and prevents injuries.

[ Good Nutrition and flexi bar workout go hand-in-hand ]
Any fitness plan is complemented and indeed enhanced with a sound nutrition plan. A balanced diet will enable you to maximise the benefits of your workout and recover faster from the stress and strain.

[ Suitable for overweight people right at the beginning ]
Aero bar workouts are different from others, as they make use of vibration as a resistive force instead of load (weights) or/and gravity. It is apt for overweight people right at the beginning of their fitness plan as they have mobility problems.

Progression can be using it while doing conventional exercises like lunges, squats etc. Aero bar workout can be performed during your ab workouts, torso rotations, lunges, squats and standing with bar in hand.


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 160 × 5 × 5 cm

Black, Blue, Red

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Aviva Aero Bar




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